October 7, 2019

The Publication Date Part of the Writing Life

I can't hold it in any longer... the publication day for these two fun books is tomorrow!

Photo Credit: West Margin Press on Instagram 

The path to publication can be long and winding.

Where Does a Pirate Go Potty? has been in my "Works-in-Progress" file since this kiddo of mine (now a senior in high school) was a toddler:

And Where Does a Cowgirl Go Potty? emerged from a writing exercise inspired by this image of my other kiddo, now a junior in college:

Yesterday, I got to hug Jennifer Newens, the person who said, "Yes," to my books. She leads the amazing team at West Margin Press that made them so beautiful.

I also got to hug Angela Zbornik, the creative wizard, clever wordsmith, and fellow punster (aka Marketing Manager) at West Margin Press. She heads up the team that will help my books find their readers. Angie introduced me to Rob Pine, with Ingram, who shares my sense of humor and said so many nice things about my books. I left my conversation with him feeling certain that booksellers (and through them, readers) will have every opportunity to join the potty humor party!

Earlier in the day I was able to attend a series of educational sessions, meet some wonderful booksellers, and celebrate other authors who are welcoming their new books into the world alongside mine:

Author, Elizabeth Rusch

Author, Cindy Baldwin

Author/Illustrator, Kevan Atteberry

Author, Jane Kirkpatrick

Author, Kate Messner

Today I find myself reflecting on all the people behind the scenes of every book that is made. For example: editor Michelle McCann (who is bringing one of her own books into the world this week); editor, Olivia Ngai; designer, Rachel Lopez Metzger; and illustrator, Jacob Souva. My books simply would not "be" without them. Likewise, my books were helped along the way by my critique group (thanks, Sara and Claire!), and the SCBWI InternationalSCBWI-Oregon, and Portland KidLit communities. And my husband, who is my biggest fan, and who works in a traditional career job that pays the bills and provides the health insurance.

I'm also reflecting on the many folks who have helped me get the word out about the books: Family members, friends in my local neighborhood, indie booksellers, school and public librarians, teachers who have taught my kids (and invited me to teach theirs), and so many kind and enthusiastic fellow authors and book bloggers who have visited my blog to share their stories and hosted me on my blog to share mine (more on this in a future post). And the musicians ...  the wonderful musicians ... Annie Lynn/AnnieBirdd Music, LLC and Marshall Mitchell who brought the music to these wonderful book trailers that Jacob Souva designed and animated:

Cowgirl Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/VCC90qkNk7I

Pirate Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/ADvqDGvMDds

Today, I get to return to the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Trade Show event, where this evening I will get to share my books (and my silly props) with booksellers and other trade show attendees.

I'm dressed and ready for a day of celebration.

Over the next few weeks and months, I will have several launch events and activities at various locations. Thank you in advance to all who have attended past events, and to those who will attend upcoming events. I appreciate you beyond what words can convey.

Later this month,  I will begin working on the editorial process for my next book (that comes out in Spring, 2021 ... refer to my earlier sentence above: "The path to publication can be long and winding." )

But today, I'll be plunging into the fun that is potty humor. Yee-Haw!

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