Howdy, pardner! Where does a cowgirl go potty around here?

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When a cowgirl’s got to go, she’s got to go! As she walks through open pastures and deep canyons, she learns where the bison, hawk, coyote, and other animals go. But time’s a-wasting, so where in the whole West can this cowgirl go potty?! With great humor and playfulness, Where Does a Cowgirl Go Potty? will be sure to delight kids over and over again.

This book is a companion to Where Does a Pirate Go Potty?


"Privy privations lead a desperate cowhand on a wild goose chase. A cowgirl finds herself in quite a pickle when she feels the urge to take care of some necessary business. Trouble is, all the critters she encounters give her bad advice. A hound dog suggests she go in a grassy pasture, but a horse dispels that myth right quick ('This is where a pony goes potty!'). The horse suggests a canyon, but the coyotes rebuff her intentions, saying that's their potty place. On and on it goes, each animal suggesting a location only to have another lay claim to the spot. The poor cowgirl is fit to burst when at long last she spies the rancher's well-appointed indoor toilet. The animals are aghast, but clearly that is the right place to go. While some potty trainees may enjoy the malarkey, this book is clearly aimed at the older set, for whom toilet misadventures are the height of humor... Potty humor—not instruction—with goofs and gaffes galore." ~ Kirkus


Ahoy thar, matey! Where does a pirate go potty around here?

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This little pirate’s got to go potty! He wanders around sandy beaches and dark caves, discovering where the sea lion, the pelican, and even the octopus go potty. But where in the seven seas can a pirate go?! A hilarious adventure filled with playful anticipation and fun, Where Does a Pirate Go Potty? guarantees a good time and laughter.

This book is a companion to Where Does a Cowgirl Go Potty?


A celebration of all things Oregon!

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The twenty-five stories in Oregon Reads Aloud are written and illustrated by authors and illustrators in my local children's literature community and celebrate all things Oregon. My contribution to the collection, First Day Jitters, is about the anxiety and excitement of starting Oregon!

The book is a tribute to twenty-five years of SMART’s (Start Making a Reader Today) work empowering Oregon children for reading and learning success. A portion of proceeds from book sales benefit SMART.

Winner of Oregon Spirit Book Award for Best Anthology.

Click here to download a free curriculum-aligned activity guide for Oregon Reads Aloud.


A literacy-based, finger-play experience sure to engage students and teach signing!  

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Bring a new, dynamic finger-play experience to your story time!  Story Time with Signs & Rhymes offers a variety of rhythmic, playful stories for read-aloud fun. American Sign Language (ASL) signs are incorporated into the book design, inviting children to sign along with the story.

See individual titles here, and access a variety of learning extensions and resources here.


“A simple, clear introduction to key ASL vocab for nonhearing and hearing alike.” ~ Booklist, May, 2012

“The text is lively, and Bauer’s colorful illustrations crackle with cartoony energy. . . . The signs themselves are well chosen for the target audience, and the structure of the stories provides a great way to introduce and reinforce basic ASL vocabulary for hearing children.” ~ School Library Journal, January 2010

“Children who are interested in learning sign language will find the Story Time with Signs & Rhymes series an intriguing place to start.” ~ Booklist, October, 2009

One of the titles in the series, The Nest Where I Like to Rest, was an Oregon Book Awards finalist.

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