January 25, 2021

The Book Trailer Reveal Part of the Writing Life

Hello friends! Just a brief post today to share my excitement of the BIG REVEAL for the book trailer of my next book, Lucy's Blooms (illustrated by Alice Brereton, published by West Margin Press.)

The book is beautiful. I can't wait until it launches in April, but in the meantime, you can watch this lovely video (that I designed and produced!) using illustrations from the book by Alice Brereton, and backed up by gorgeous, original music by Maiah Wynne (more on our collaboration later!) 

(Update: Here is the direct link if the embedded video won't show: https://youtu.be/csoF_xhUTuI )

And, since today marks the start of The Great Kindness Challenge, we're doing a giveaway of an advanced reader copy of Lucy's Blooms. Enter to win by commenting below (or on Instagram) about an act of kindness you’ve received or witnessed (enter before noon, PST 1/29.) Bonus kindness points if you share this post, and/or tag a friend! 

Love the song? Go out and give some love to Maiah Wynne. Love the illustrations? Go out and give some love to Pickled Alice Art

Love the book? It's available for pre-order everywhere books are sold (though I’m highly partial to supporting your local indie bookstore directly, or by shopping online at Bookshop.org