January 29, 2019

The "Book Launch" Part of the Writing Life, Episode 1

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If you've been following my earlier posts about "the writing life," (or my Facebook page, or my Twitter posts, or my Instagram account), or if you've seen me at a recent book event, or been waiting in line with me for the restrooms at a concert venue... or at the grocery store check out...you've probably heard that I have TWO NEW BOOKS coming out this year: Where Does a Pirate Go Potty? and Where Does a Cowgirl Go Potty? have been long in the making, and I can't wait to share them with you. Can you tell I'm excited?

There are SO MANY fun parts about launching new books into the world. Recently, I got a sneak peek at the cover art for both books. I CANNOT WAIT until it's time for a cover reveal (soon ... soon ...). Suffice it to say that Jacob Souva's artwork is fantastic, and the folks at West Margin Press are brilliant, and I'm beyond enthusiastic for what the future holds for these fun books.

I'm particularly looking forward to themed book events... pirate-themed events, cowgirl-themed events, and, or course, potty-themed events. (In fact, I'll soon be hosting a series of blog posts with ideas for this sort of thing. Please get in touch via the contact form to the left or by leaving a comment below if you've planned/implemented book events (or even parties) in any of these three themed areas--I'd love to gather and share your ideas and experiences in a future interview or via a link to an existing blog post you've written).

Speaking of themed events, I'm also having a hoot of a time exploring themed novelty items, games, craft ideas, songs, interactive links, and swag. Some might call it a waste of time...I call it research! Based on a tip from fellow author, Diana Murray, I created Pinterest Boards for each of these categories: Pirates, Cowgirls and Potty-Humor. You should check them out if you need a good distraction or a laugh.

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So far, one of my favorite finds is this flushing toilet game. You spin the TP roll to determine how many flushes you get (1, 2, or 3). The flushing sound is spot-on... and for added adventure, every so often, the toilet bowl sprays water onto the person who flushed. I'm trying to decide the best way to use this at book events. I'm thinking it will be great attention getting device at multi-table book signing events, giving passersby a reason to stop for a visit. Everyone who spins the TP and/or flushes can have a book mark, and anyone who gets sprayed on can choose from a fancier selection of potty-humor swag! I'm still noodling other ideas, and would welcome your input. Please feel encouraged to comment below if you have an idea or two for me to consider for this game.

I also love this golden poo, and the story behind it (pardon the pun).

These interactive, online resources are fun:

Toilet Flushing Sound Clip and Burp and Fart Piano .

And, THIS SONG. Please join me in downloading it and supporting the work of Lori Henriques, the musician who created it. I cannot think of a better ditty for a doodie-focused book event than one entitled THE POOP SONG.

I'm also loving some of the potty-training related products I've come across such as the Potty Rider (seriously, go check it out), and potty-training guide books for parents such as, Oh, Crap.

And then there are serious products, like the Squatty Potty, with hilarious marketing videos like this (warning: you will not be able to "un-see" this).

Yes...I have gotten a little carried away...but I am having SO MUCH FUN.

Believe it or not, although my new books don't come out until October, 2019, they are already available for preorder (IndieBound/Cowgirl, IndieBound/Pirate, Amazon/CowgirlAmazon/Pirate), and you can ask your local youth librarian to pre-order through their book wholesaler.

Not quite ready to pre-order until YOU can see the cover art? No worries....rest assured I'll be reminding you again. In the meantime, you can start thinking about who in your life has kids (toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids), a good sense of humor, a penchant for potty humor, a fascination with pirates or pirate-y adventures, and/or enthusiasm for all things cowgirl. These are the readers who will most enjoy these two new books.

It would also be great if you could take a stroll on over to my Pinterest site and leave me a comment below to let me know your favorite swag items so I'm sure to gather up the right collection of silliness and fun.

Thanks, Pardners! Yee-Ha!

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