May 31, 2012

Gotcha! How to Find & Capture Great Writing Ideas

Story Time with Signs & Rhymes
Over the past month I've had the pleasure of teaching two of my favorite writing workshops at several different elementary schools and professional conferences.  Starting with this week's post, I'll provide a summary of the key learning points in my workshop called, "Gotcha! How to Find and Capture Great Writing Ideas." This workshop focuses on the curricular learning targets pertaining to generating ideas.  It's a good match for young writers in a variety of different settings including schools, libraries, scout troops and homeschool study groups.

After this series of posts, I'll share the activities and ideas covered in my workshop entitled, "Your Pencil is Magic."  This hands-on workshop demonstrates how writing props and prompts can help you unlock the creative ideas hiding inside of you.  It can be geared for young writers and/or adults.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the writing prompt generator websites I refer to in this session:

Here are the key learning points discussed in "Gotcha! How to Find and Capture Great Writing Ideas": 

Big Idea #1:  Find Your Feelings.  Stronger Feelings = Stronger Story Ideas.

Big Idea #2: Stories Hide in Your Head.  Follow Your Nose and Wiggle Your Toes to Find Them. 

Big Idea #3: Use a Notebook to Capture Your Ideas.  Add SOMETHING to Your Notebook at Least Once Each Day.

Big Idea #4: READ and READ and READ some more.  Reading is the EASIEST way to become a better writer!

Big Idea #5:  WRITE and WRITE and WRITE some more.  Your Pencil is Magic.  Use it to Let Your Ideas Out!

I love teaching this workshop because it is so rewarding to see young writers genuinely excited about writing.  The letters and pictures I receive from students who have taken this workshop inspire and amaze me.  Here is a sample of the treasures that have recently arrived in my mailbox:

Stay tuned.  In upcoming posts I'll share more details about the above learning points.  And, if you'd like to schedule a writing workshop or author visit for your school or community group, please get in touch!