February 13, 2018

The "Flurry of Ideas" Part of the Writing Life

As I predicted in my last post, this space has been quiet for awhile. My social media activity has also been quiet. What HAS NOT been quiet is my imagination. That has been on overdrive, and let me tell you, it's been a heap of fun!

My oldest child went off to college this past fall and something about that transition kicked my creative caboose into high gear. I've been writing, I've been revising, and I've been submitting my work. It feels great!

Image Source: Tara Lazar 
This past month I participated in Tara Lazar's famed StoryStorm challenge. I have hesitated to participate in this event in the past because coming up with story ideas has not typically been an issue for me. The greater challenge for me has been keeping up with my ideas, honoring my ideas by getting them down on paper, and then further honoring my ideas by drafting, revising, polishing, and eventually submitting my stories to publishers.

I sincerely enjoyed the daily StoryStorm blog posts, and I diligently participated in the creative activities shared in each post. I completed the challenge with heaps of new story ideas, a few of which are already starting to materialize into stories with genuine potential. 

StoryStorm was a good match for me this year, and I have to say, it will definitely be an annual tradition going forward. Thanks, Tara Lazar, for coordinating such an excellent creative experience via your blog!

Speaking of blogs, I anticipate my own blog might be quiet for another little stretch of time . . . I have big ideas that are calling for my attention, and I need to give them the respect they are due.

So, dear readers, while you're waiting for my next post, might I encourage you to visit my summary post page, which is a handy way to access past entries on popular topics in one convenient location. 

Happy Reading, Happy Writing, and Happy Signing! Dawn