Summary Posts

Periodically, I write a series of posts on a particular topic. At the end of the series (or when a number of posts on the topic has accumulated), I create a "Summary Post" or "Round Up" on the topic.

Below is the list of Summary Posts/Round Ups I have posted thus far. Hopefully this will provide you an easy access point to link to all of the related posts in a series that interests you:

Birth Stories for Books: Posts About Paths to Publication From Published Authors and Illustrators

Capture That Story: Self Directed Student Learning Project on Creating Book Trailers

Creating Picture Books with Kids

Examples of Book Trailers Made by Students

Gotcha! How to Find and Capture Great Writing Ideas

Have Swag Will Travel: Tips for Planning Book Events

Hosting an Exchange Student

How to Enrich Your Learning Environment with Sign Language

Ideas for Incorporating Alphabet Signs into Your Story Times

Library Advocacy

Check back from time to time, as I will update this list regularly.

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