March 11, 2020

The Marketing (and Making Friends) Part of the Writing Life

Photo Credit: Arianne Stork-Nevdahl
One of my favorite parts of authoring books is the opportunity to meet new people. Some folks I've met in person, and others I've only "met" online or through other remote communication channels. Some of the people I've met and become friends with are "potty people" (or "cowgirl people" or "pirate people") as evidenced by this darling photo.

Many of the folks I've met are "writing people." Tina Cho falls into that category. I first got to know Tina because I started following the blog she writes with a team of other members of the kidlit community. I've read and followed several writing-related blogs over the years, and the Grog Blog has consistently been amongst the most helpful and informative.

Last year, Tina contributed a guest post on my blog where she shared a story time lesson plan for one of her books, Rice from Heaven. Today, I've written a guest post for the Grog Blog entitled "10 Things I Learned About Book Marketing."

It is with great pleasure that today, I can give back to a writing community that I've learned so much from. I hope you will hop on over to the Grog Blog and read some of the great articles they have posted ... including mine, today!

(Pssst, I had so many tips to share, I couldn't fit them into one post. I'm aiming to post a follow-up article on the same topic next month. I'll add a link to it here when it's available.)