September 19, 2012

Music for Signers (More Ideas for Getting Started with Signing)

I love to incorporate songs and music into my signing classes. In my last two posts, I've shared ideas for   singing and signing with songs you already know and modifying familiar songs so they work well for signing. Today's post is about signing along with music that was written for signers.

Here are some of my favorite musical collections to sign along with:
Signing Time  offers a wonderful collection of music and videos that are developed specifically for young signers.  Some of my favorites from this collection include the Silly Pizza SongThe Rainbow Song, and Leah's Farm.

You can learn the signs that go along with these songs by watching the Signing Time videos on demand, and for book lovers, you can
learn the signs for colors and the signs for farm animals, in my books,



Other fun options include Lora Heller's Stinky Feet CD,

                                                       Nellie Edge's ABC Phonics 

     and one of my longstanding favorites, Sign2Me's Pick Me Up.  

My school-aged kids STILL love it when I put on this CD.  Their favorite cuts:  "Please Change my Diaper" and "More Milk." It's hilarious to watch them yak it up and mimic the deep voice in "More Milk" and listen to them crack up at the silly lyrics in "Please Change my Diaper."  

These musical selections ought to keep you busy singing and signing for awhile. Next post I'll talk about singing and signing when you read. In the meantime, let me know if you have other musical selections to suggest!


  1. Thanks for these posts - lots of great ideas! Though I haven't done "start to finish" signing in storytimes, I often include a sign language song that relates to the theme I'm doing -- and children and parents respond enthusiastically to what we call "dancing with our hands." I particularly love the varied styles and musicality of "Pick Me Up" -- as exemplified in the Sinatra-like "diaper song" mentioned above.

  2. Hi Carol. Sorry for the delayed reply (I was vacationing over spring break!). I love the "dancing with our hands" description that you use for signing in your story times! I just did a stroll through your site, and you are doing some super fun things! I agree that "Pick Me Up!" is a hoot of a resource. One of my all-time favorite parenting memories is my daughter (now 14) singing the "Frank Sinatra" diaper change song you referenced in the grocery store. She was about 8 or 9 at the time and was doing it to get a laugh out of me . . . which she did ; ). I've added your blog to my reading list. I'll look forward to "seeing you" there and on "Storytime Underground" from time to time!