September 25, 2017

The "Living Life" Part of the Writing Life

Artwork from the Botanical Gardens in Delft
This space has been quiet for the past couple of months because I've been deeply engaged in the "Living Life" part of the writing life. In the past few months I've:

-Celebrated my 50th birthday, and coordinated a book-related service project in honor of this momentous occasion

-Engaged in the political process more actively (and read more political news!) than I've ever done in my adult life

-Experienced the range of emotions associated with my oldest child graduating from high school

-Watched dozens and dozens of sporting events

-Coordinated several big social gatherings (including milestone birthdays, graduation parties, and sports-related gatherings for my kids' tennis and cross country teams)

-Hosted out of town guests

-Played tourist in my own town

-Said final farewells to a longtime family pet

-Parented, loved, and then said farewell to an amazing exchange student who lived in our home for five months and became a part of our family

-Traveled to the Netherlands for an absolutely glorious family vacation that included museum visits, bicycle rides, breathtaking views, meandering walks, and cultural immersion

-Helped my parents and parents-in-law navigate multiple health issues and related doctor visits and hospice care

-Shared stories with my dearest friend's adult daughter while we waited for my friend to successfully pull through a major, all-day surgery

-Delivered my oldest child to college (and said farewell to her close-knit circle of friends who have spent countless hours in our home and around our dinner table, and who have also gone off to college)

-Hosted dinner parties with friends, and hosted an extended visit with my dear friend who is still recovering from her major surgery

-Harvested bountiful amounts of fresh tomatoes all summer long, from the patio planters I planted this past spring

-Filled my soul with sounds of live music at small venues around town

-Watched in awe as gymnasts and ariel artists contorted their bodies at a Cirque du Soleil show

-Baked, read, took long walks, watched a few movies, went on a few happy hour dates with my husband and coffee dates with my girl friends

-Grocery shopped, did laundry, cleaned the cat box, attended to a few emotionally charged situations related to parenting teenagers, and took my car for an oil change or two (it can't all be fun and games)

I've also watched, listened, tasted, touched, breathed in deeply, reflected, and written my heart out.

Living fully inspires me to write more fully. I've been amazed with where the muse has taken me this past few months. Next up: Taking time out to submit the ready work that has been filed away waiting for me to put it out into the world. More on that, soon.

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