April 18, 2017

26 Ways to Incorporate Alphabet Signs into Your Story Times (#26)

I've had my nose buried in book-related projects, and that has resulted in some extended gaps between blog posts. Thanks for your patience, dear readers. At long last, here is the culminating post for my series on enrichment activities to incorporate alphabet signs into your story times:

26. ABC Sign with Me (aka, Anything Goes!)

Photo Credit: Independence Public Library
ANY alphabet-related learning activity you currently enjoy can be enriched by incorporating the alphabet signs into the activity. If, for example, you like searching for the letters of the alphabet on road signs during car trips, you can add the alphabet handshapes to this activity (assuming you are a passenger and not the driver, or course). If you like stacking alphabet blocks, or sorting alphabet magnets on the fridge, or putting together alphabet puzzles, add the alphabet handshapes to your play activities. You can even add the alphabet handshapes to learning activities that don't directly involve the alphabet. For example, in this picture, I'm focusing on the signs for colors, but since many of the signs for colors involve the handshape for the first letter in the color word, it makes it easy to incorporate the handshapes for letters of the alphabet along with signs for colors.

To help you get started, here are some links to web sites that have some alphabet-related learning activities. Try adding the alphabet handshapes to some or all of these activities:

Alphabet Activity Links: 

I'd love to add to this list of links. If you have a favorite website that incorporates alphabet-related learning activities, share it in the comment section below, or via the contact form to the left. Here are some additional helpful resources to support your interest in signing the alphabet:

Helpful Resources

ASL Alphabet Glossary from my publisher's website (use this link to download the activity packet for younger children, and the alphabet glossary from my books is included in that packet)

The sign for Alphabet

A to Z Sign with Me

Abdo Publishing Group
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