May 3, 2013

Summary Post: Book Trailers Made by Students

I'm starting to receive examples of book trailers that students have made for my books in the "Story Time with Signs & Rhymes" series using the student-directed learning project I outlined in earlier posts.

I thought it might be fun to have a consistent spot to post these as they come in. Here goes:

The Nest Where I Like to Rest (Book Trailer by Carli H., Julia T., and Josie B.)  I absolutely LOVE the clucking sound effects in this one!!

The Big Blue Bowl (Book Trailer by two fifth grade boys). I think this is such a clever use of props!

Shape Detective (Book Trailer by Mrs. Hembree, who has recently started a "Book Trailer Club" for her students). She created this using iMovie and her iPhone . . . over winter break! That's Dedication!

Keep them coming, folks! I will add more as I receive them and am able to upload them.



  1. Those kids are putting together great videos. What a fun project idea! Hopefully, I'll see you at the SCBWI conference this weekend.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Hannah. I've been tickled with the videos the kids have created (I haven't been able to post all of them yet due to waiting for permissions, etc, but they are all really great). I will be at the SCBWI conference this weekend, so I look forward to being able to say, "Hello," in person.