April 15, 2013

Gotcha! How to Find and Capture Great Writing Ideas: Summary Post

Last year I wrote a series of posts under the heading: "Gotcha! How to Find and Capture Great Writing Ideas," which summarized the key learning points in a workshop I teach for young writers by the same title. This workshop focuses on the curricular learning targets pertaining to generating ideas. It's a good match for young writers in a variety of different settings including schools, libraries, scout troops and homeschool study groups.

Below are the links to all of the posts in this series, beginning with the introductory post:

Introductory Post

Big Idea #1: Find Your Feelings

Big Idea #2: Story Ideas Hide in Your Head

Big Idea #3: Keep a Notebook to Capture Your Ideas

Big Idea #4: Read, Read, and Read Some More

Big Idea #5: Write, Write and Write Some More

If you'd like to schedule a writing workshop or author visit for your school or community group, please get in touch.

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