December 23, 2020

2020 Year-End Post and Holiday Greeting

As I've mentioned in years past, I still participate in the tradition of preparing and mailing holiday greeting cards. Each year I page through my (old-style) calendar and make note of the highlights and ordinary happenings in our household. I approach the task as an opportunity for creative expression, aiming to convey our family news in a way that is also reflective of the trends and/or events in our world...and OH what a year it has been. 

Beings that this year was an election year like no other, and the first year our two kids were eligible to vote in a presidential election, I felt the obvious choice was to express our family news in the form of a ballot: 

As I wrote, re-read, and reflected on this year's update, what struck me most was how full our "family ballot" was despite spending so much of the year at home. Yes, we have each missed out on favorite events and activities as well as several special occasions and milestones. Yes, we are going a bit stir crazy. And YES, we are looking forward to the world opening up again, (hopefully very, very SOON!), but we have found ways to connect, engage, create and learn, and we have made memories that will not soon be forgotten. 

Make no mistake, we are ready for a new year and a new normal that is reminiscent of our pre-COVID lives, but we have done our fool best to be open to and present in the offerings of 2020. As a result, our characters (and our relationships with each other) have grown and developed in ways we couldn't have anticipated or imagined this time last year; and that it what good stories are made of. 

Sam, Dawn, Katia and Nikko, 2020

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