May 1, 2017

Dawn Pro Five Oh!

Get the candles and cookies ready, because May is my birthday month, and this year is my Big Five-Oh. Ready to celebrate?

Please Join Me in Supporting the Children's Book Bank!

Choose One or More Options Below to Participate

*Spend 50 seconds exploring the Children's Book Bank's website and learning about their mission

*Spend another 50 seconds reading about the Children's Book Bank's Story Like Mine Campaign

*Bring new or gently used books to my house on or before Tuesday, May 23rd (see below for donation guidelines)

* Purchase a book from my inventory, and both the book and the net proceeds will be donated to the Children's Book Bank (purchase from my online store on or before May 23, 2017 and reference #DawnPro50 in the notes . . . or stop by my house on or before Tuesday, May 23rd to make your purchase--send me a direct email/message and we'll coordinate.)

*Spend 50 minutes helping me sort and organize books on Tuesday, May 23rd (comment below, use the contact form to the left, or send me a direct email/message so we can coordinate schedules)

*Donate new or used books directly to the Children's Book Bank (here is a link to their Multicultural Books Wish List)

*Make a monetary donation to the Children's Book Bank:
  • Fun Fact: 50 cents multiplied by my 50 years = $25
  • Fun Fact: 50 dollars multiplied by 1 for my one and only 50th birthday = $50
  • Fun Fact: 50 cents a day multiplied by 365 for each day I'll be 50 = $182.50

*Spend 50 minutes reading to or with a child or grown-up of your choosing, then spread the word by sharing a selfie on social media to celebrate my Big Five-Oh (#DawnPro50, @DawnProchovnic, FB / @PDXBookBank, FB, Instagram)

Here are My Goals for My 50th Birthday Book Drive (Click Here to See How I'm Doing on Reaching My Goals):

*50 books collected and delivered to the Children's Book Bank

*50 empty book bags funded (each $25 donation supplies 25 ready-to-fill bags)

*50 filled book bags funded (each $25 donation fills one book bag for a child who participates in Head Start)

*50 "50-minutes of reading with a child or grown-up" photos posted to social media and tagged: #DawnPro50 @dawnprochovnic @PDXbookbank

*50 shares of this post

*50 friends, family members, and/or fans who participate in this celebration in some fashion

*One friend, family member, or fan inspired to coordinate a book drive (or other service project of their choosing) for their next special occasion.


Here are Some Book Donation Guidelines from the Children's Book Bank:

We Need:
Books for babies
Board books
Books about letters, numbers, shapes and colors
Picture books--in hard cover and soft cover
Books about animals
Chapter books for readers from grade K-8

We can't use:
Coloring Books
Text Books
Books from school library collections
Teacher "sets" that have been pulled from the classroom
Activity Books
Books for Adults
Musty/damaged Books

In terms of what is meant by "gently used," we say that folks can ask themselves if the book is one that they would think of buying for their own child or one that could be passed on to a friend.

Here is a link to a Children's Book Bank Flyer


So, are you in??

If you need more information to participate, please comment below or send a message via the contact form to the left (or send me a direct email/message), and additional information will be supplied.

Feel encouraged to use the comment section below to share how you've participated or plan to participate, or just to wish me a happy birthday!

Thanks for helping me celebrate the Big 5-0!



  1. Dawn, this is an excellent birthday wish! I'd like to join you in sorting books on May 23rd, and can bring my family's book donations (lots!) to you that day!

    1. Thank you SO much! I will be in touch to coordinate.