August 7, 2015

Seeking Submissions for Recipe Book

Although I own several cookbooks with "quick and easy" in the title, and I of course have access to Pinterest and Google, I have long wanted to gather a collection of "easy-peasy," "in-a-pinch" "standard go-to" recipes/meals that real people depend on and prepare week after week, month after month. You know, those tried and true recipes that you know by heart, and your family says, "Oh good, we're having XXX tonight!"
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For example, I have a "goulash" recipe straight out of my Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup childhood that I can whip together in those in-a-pinch moments when dinnertime has snuck up on me, and I haven't given meal planning enough advanced thought. Admittedly, it's not the healthiest meal in my repertoire, (beware the sodium and fat counts!), but my family likes it (it's tasty, and familiar), and it's super easy to make (largely because I usually have all of the ingredients on hand, and I've made this dish so many times over the years that I don't need to look at a recipe book; I just make it.)

If I've signed up to bring you a meal for a "meal brigade," you will most likely meet my meatloaf, and if you invite me to a last-minute gathering or drop by unexpectedly, you will likely get to nibble on crackers and cream cheese with hot chili sauce. I have several yummy appetizer recipes up my sleeve, but this is the easiest appetizer I know of, and I almost always have the ingredients for this dandy dip on hand.

What are YOUR Easy-Peasy, In-a-Pinch, Standard Go-To recipes? Please share in the comment section below, or via a message using the contact form to the left. Even better, consider completing this Easy-Peasy form at the following link:

If you provide your recipe by September 30, 2015 AND you provide your contact information along with the recipe, you will receive a copy of the compilation when it's done.

Please feel free to share more than one recipe, and please feel free to share this post widely. I can't wait to get cookin!


  1. Hi Dawn,

    We use to be in food co-op. 4 families who rotated cooking for each other once a week. That means you cooked for 4 families once a week and received 3 yummy meals at your door step. I loved it but my kids and husband were not so hot on some of the dishes we received so we eventually quit. Boo hoo for me!

    Anyway, sometimes you just had to make something in a hurry and you wanted it tasty for kids. One of my favs was a simple chopped apples, grapes, and raisin, canned or dried pineapple fruit salad. Toss in a few chocolate chunks and yoghurt for variety. Done in a flash and refreshing.

    Another fast fast easy peasy are whipped baked eggs (crustless quiche, sort of). Whisk eggs add milk, grated cheese, some diced bread, herbs of choice, bake. If you have time, saute some onions and green pepper to toss in. Bake.

    I know you want more details. Proportions and all that. I just don't cook with measuring cups. Makes it rough to give recipes.

    All for now. Love what you are doing.

    A Burke

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Andrea! Question: Bake at 350? For about how long? P.S. You make a good point re: the difficulty of adding proportions, etc. to convert something we cook regularly into a share-able recipe. I responded to that concern in my latest blog post: Cheers! Dawn