January 6, 2014

2013 Year End Post: The Books We're Reading (Or Should Be)

Call me old fashioned, but I LOVE getting annual holiday letters from friends and family. I clamor to the mailbox every day to see what new letters await!

That said, when it comes to writing my own annual update, I resist writing a typical letter. Instead, I aim to provide a relevant update embedded in some creative format. Last year's update was formatted as a series of text messages. This year's update is in the form of a bookshelf with the books my family is reading (or should be):

A major personal highlight was our family's experience hosting an exchange student. I had many professional highlights including signing books at ALA midwintercelebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthdaycreating picture books with kidsreceiving book trailers from kids who worked on trailers for my books, and presenting about early literacy and sign language at many professional conferences throughout the Pacific NW.

Do you send non-traditional (holiday) updates as well or do you receive creative updates from your friends or family? If so, please share the formats with me! I would love to see what others have come up with.

Thanks to each of you who have contributed to my blessed "library of life" in 2013. Here's to the pages that await us in the coming year.

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